Chandrababu's remarks are obnoxious

Hyderabad, February
6, 2013: Taking serious objection to N Chandrababu Naidu’s remarks, YSR Congress has
said that the party has full faith in the legal system and brushed aside his allegation
that TDP is being pressed to move no trust move only to strike a deal with

 “We have total faith
in the legal system and Chandrababu’s remark that we are trying to threaten the
judiciary is obnoxious. The TDP leader is known for his manipulative skills and
has been taking recourse in stay orders and exploiting other legal provisions
to his advantage,” Party Deputy floor leader Bhuma Sobha Nagi Reddy told
reporters here on Wednesday.  

 We strongly condemn
the remark he has passed which is filled with prejudice and affirm that we have
full faith in the legal system and our prolonged battle in the courts further
strengthens our belief, she said.  

“On the other hand
often repeated allegation that we are merging with Congress, I can only say why
our leader should be in jail if we have any tie-up with Congress. It is TDP
which has been having an understanding with Congress for mutual benefit. We
have seen TDP MPs abstain from voting during the crucial voting on FDI in
retail Bill and TDP leaders meeting Finance Minister P Chindambaram hours
before Enforcement Directorate issuing attachment orders and these are but only
a few instances of the TDP-Congress nexus, she said.  

The charge that we
are pushing TDP to move a no confidence motion to strike a deal with Congress
is baseless as 18 MLAs supported the no confidence motion moved by TDP earlier
only to vote against the Congress government. Chandrababu on the other hand,
while moving the motion, allotted maximum time to criticize YSR and his family
members instead of highlighting the government failures. Still we voted with
TDP only to oppose Congress Government, she said.  

When a government
has loset its majority, as a responsible opposition leader a no confidence
motion should be moved or at least Chandrababu Naidu should say that TDP is
supporting the Congress and he will not topple the State Government which makes
things clear. We have been demanding TDP to move the motion as it has the
required numbers, she said.  

No court has given clean chit to Naidu 

 Trade-offs have been
the policy of Chandrababu Naidu, who has usurped TDP from NTR and was taking
recourse in certain legal provisions and evading trial, she said adding that no
court has given him a clean chit as he never faced prosecution and the clean
image has been his self-proclaimed label.  

What NTR said many
years back has been recently repeated by Jaya Parada who said that Chandrababu
Naidu know the art of use-and-throw in politics, Sobha Nagi Reddy said.

All during his
padayatra, Naidu instead of highlighting state government’s failures has been
repeatedly targeting YSR and his family members as he has a secret pact with
Congress at the Centre and State. Congress and TDP have been working in tandem
to keep YS Jagan Mohan Reddy away from people Naidu has been using padayatra
for reasons other than its general definition, she said.  

We strongly condemn
the remarks of Naidu and reiterate that we have full faith in the legal system
and there is no need to trade with Congress using no confidence as a plank as
YSRCP is opposed to Congress, she said. 

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