Chandrababu's visit to Anantapur is waste of govet money

Anantapur: Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister N Chandrababu Naidu has scheduled a visit to Anantapur district today and he will be visiting Turkalapatnam in Roddam mandal to participate in Jalaharati programme. The local YSR Congress Party district leaders have raised a serious objection to the CM's visit.
 Speaking to media here today, Hindupuram Parliament constituency leader Shankar Narayana said that the visit of Chandrababu was nothing but waste of government money. He observed that no development work was taken up by the ruling TDP government in the last four years.
 "If the CM was sincere about the welfare of people in the district he would divert the Handrineeva water to the lakes," he said. He demanded the government to fulfill the promises made to the drought areas in the state.
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