Chandrababu’s speech lacks patriotic fervor

Hyderabad, Aug 15: YSR Congress has said that the two-hour long Independence Day speech of Chandrababu Naidu lacked commitment and was just read out to complete the formality as the TDP government has nothing to claim but for its zeal to handover the state economy to foreign players.

Speaking to reporters here on Monday party spokesperson Vasireddy Padma said:’ While our founding fathers of freedom movement had fought for self rule and asked the foreign elements to go back, we have a Chief Minister who is obsessed with Singapore and China.

Chandrababu Naidu has given away the capital formation on a platter to Singapore companies and has offered the 920 km coastline to China for building ports putting the concept of self rule and the spirit of freedom to shame.

Gandhi statue was plucked and thrown into waters at Vijayawada and the Chief Minister did not apologize which shows his attitude, she said.

Speaking at Ananthapur he did not utter word on the weavers’ welfare though khadi and homespun cloth played a big role in the freedom movement, she said.

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