Chandrababu will remain as a traitor in the history of AP

Prakasam: AP Leader of Opposition and YSRCP chief YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has demanded that CM Chandrababu should support the no-confidence motion against the BJP government, that the YSRCP is to place on 21st of this month, as already announced. 

Otherwise, the Chief Minister will remain as a traitor in the history of Andhra Pradesh, he said. " If Chandrababu wishes so, we are ready to place the no-confidence motion much earlier. Even if the TDP comes forward to place the motion, the YSRCP would stand in support for the motion against the centre. We have decided to place the no-confidence motion on the 21st in order to give a deadline to the TDP," he added. Following Union Finance Minister Arun Jaitley's announcement and Chandrababu's response later yesterday, the YSRCP Chief convened a press conference amidst his historic walkathon Praja Sankalpa Yatra in Prakasam District's Santaravuru.

" Keeping in view the circumstances, there is nothing new in Arun Jaitley's announcement. He has repeated his words from September 8 2016. But back then, Chandrababu has accepted the same by felicitating the Finance Minister and Venkaiah Naidu. While praising them in the state assembly, Chandrababu brushed off the Special Category Status (SCS) issue saying it is a finished chapter and it is not beneficial to the state. This is a victory for the people of Andhra Pradesh. Chandrababu took a U-turn now because of announcement of YSRCP MPs resignation and no-confidence motion," YS Jagan said in the press conference.

" It is only because of the people's victory that Chandababu has changed hs stance. If Chandrababu wanted to remove his ministers from the Union Ministries, why did he speak with centre on phone? He is still continuing as NDA Convener. Chandrababu lacks accountability, values and sincerity, which are important qualities to possess among politicians. That is why he is changing stances all the time. YSRCP is going to place the no-confidence motion on the 21st, if all the 25 MPs of the state place the motion, the centre will take the issue seriously. Let us resign all the MPs on the last day of the Parliament session. The entire country would watch it, giving rise to a big debate. This will lead to added pressure on the centre to take the necessary course of action," he said.

On Recommendations Of The 14th Finance Commission

" Arun Jaitley has mentioned the 14th Finance Commission many a time. This is truly surprising. When he said these same words back then, I have called for a bandh. I even mentioned about this in the Assembly. Jaitley said 14th Finance commission recommended not to give SCS for AP. But Abhijit Singh, member of 14th FC told 14th FC never recommended abolition of SCS, as per his clearly written recommendations. What is the relation between the 14th Finance Commission and the Special Category Status. Before the beginning of the current Finance Commission, the then Congress Government has placed a cabinet resolution on March 2nd 2014 itself. They have clearly mentioned to give the SCS to AP. They have even sent the resolution to the Planning Commission for implementation. The Planning Commission was active until 31st December 2014, after which the Niti Aayog came into existence. The Planning Commission was active for 7 months in the BJP government. What was Chandrababu doing in those 7 months? Why doesn't the BJP government implement the decisions taken before the existence of the 14th Finance Commission?" asked the YSRCP Chief.
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