Chandrababu Should Bow In Shame

  • Why don’t you care about the ill-effects of factories in residential areas?
  • Why is Babu’s Government stubborn about a private industry?
  • Attempt to murder cases for resisting the industry?!
  • It is better to shift it to a shore area
  • YS Jagan consoles victims in Tanuku sub-jail

Tanuku: The leader of opposition and YSRCP president YS Jagan questioned the TDP Government why it was so stubborn about establishing industries at the cost of people’s lives. He stated that Chandrababu should bow his head in shame for doing atrocities on people in the name of the aqua foods factory. As part of West Godavari tour, YS Jagan visited Tanuku to meet the victims who had to face imprisonment due to false cases for resisting the establishment of Mega Aqua Foods factory in Bhimavaram area.

YS Jagan visited the victims in sub-jail of Tanuku and expressed his solidarity to their struggle on behalf of YSRCP. Later, speaking to the media, he uncovered the true colours of Chandrababu and his Government. He suggested the Government not to cause pain to people for the sake of private industries and to set up them in shore areas instead. Here is what he spoke…

What is with the filing of cases?!

        We met Satyavatamma, who is in a devastated situation after she, her mother and brother have been imprisoned on false grounds. Her father is suffering from cancer. Locking up families in the jail happened as per cases registered under IPC section 307 i.e. on grounds of attempt to murder. All they did was to fight against the setting up of Mega Aqua Food factory in their area, owing to the ill-effects it could cause. Innocent people like Satyavatamma and her family members have been arrested on such false grounds and are facing punishment unjustly. The FIR is stating that seven people have attempted to murder, leaving chance for more people to be arrested. Even Satyavatamma’s name was not in the FIR earlier. It was conveniently added later.

Are we in democracy?!

It is to be doubted if we are in democracy. It was decided that the factory would be built without collecting opinions from local people. Chandrababu should be ashamed of his deeds. Industries that could cause pollution should not be set up in residential areas in the first place. Doing that without the consent or approval of local people is another misdeed. Imposing false cases on the villagers for resisting the factory is yet another misdeed. Ordering for section 144 in villages for months together is again a misdeed. How can a CM do so many misdeeds in the issue?

This is in fact a private project. Earlier, Delta paper mill was set up in the same way. Small scale processing units were established adjacent to it. Toxic chemicals are being released into Elamanduru drain from these units. The farmers and the fishermen dependent on this drain for their professional needs suffered loss. Now Golteru drain also is going to face the same fate.

There is a solution, isn’t it?

        This factory can be set up 10km away from here, in the shore area. The management of this industry have lands there too. They can as well use them. The toxic wastes can be released into the sea. All these people will continue to live safe and happy.

Chandrababu is saying that there will not be any toxic wastes from this factory, while revealing at the same time that pipelines are being constructed for the release of the wastes. Does this not mean that toxins will be released from it? The project report mentions that 3000 tons of food material will be produced from this industry, meaning 3000 tons of food will be processed with chemicals. This explains how much pollution it is going to cause. Moreover, the factory is in orange zone according to the centre, which means it will cause good amount of pollution. Why is the state Government still trying to bluff people?

Why is the enthusiasm?

        This is a project being constructed by a private company. Why is the Government building the pipeline for a factory that belongs to a private company? Who is going to bear that expense? Is it not public money that is going to be used? If the Government spends Rs.25-30 crore money on this private factory, will it do the same with other companies as well? Why is the Government showing such an enthusiasm about a private company? Why is it deploying the police force too?

A straight suggestion

            I make a sincere appeal to the company’s management. They will not lose much by moving the industry to a shore area. People of this area have been fighting and resisting the factory for 2 years now, much to their indifference. They went ahead without the approval of Gram Sabha. They own lands in shore area 10 km away. I appeal to them to move the factory there. We shall support them in that case. The project will run at least for 25-30 years without causing trouble to anybody. I request them not to cause problems to the villagers.

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