Chandrababu Is Scared Of Lokesh

Tirumala: Chandrababu's governance was going on successfully aided by lies and deception, commented YSRCP MLA, RK Roja. Speaking to the media at Tirupati, she remarked the years passing by were bringing no transformation in Babu.
Roja ridiculed that UP's political scenario had brought the shivers in Chandrababu about the possibility for Lokesh to pull him down his chair and added that it was why Babu had not given any ministry to his son.
About providing water to Pulivendula, she questioned who would believe it when Babu himself was stating that there was no water for his own constituency, Kuppam. She slammed the injustice being done to Rayalaseema by the Government by not building projects and not sanctioning enough funds.
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