Chandrababu Is Responsible For Corruption In Pushkarams

Mangalagiri (Guntur district): “CM Chandrababu Naidu is responsible for the
corruption going on in Krishna pushkarams’ work” exclaimed YSRCP MLA Alla
Ramakrishna Reddy. He remarked that the people of the state would soon put
Chandrababu’s name under blacklist. Speaking to the media at Mangalagiri, he
remarked that it was surprising for Chandrababu to not know how much money his
coterie was swallowing in light of the frequent review meetings he had been
conducting about the work.

He reminded that Babu was the one who had not initiated the work well in
advance and started the work through nomination system in the last minute,
giving way to corruption. He said it was ridiculous for Babu, upon observing
the work, to say that the contractor was to be blacklisted. RK remarked that the
illegal residence of CM Chandrababu was only a few steps away from Seetanagaram
ghat but he had never cared to supervise the work going on there, but had
reacted after YSRCP leaders did the job.

RK opined that
Chandrababu’s strictness towards the contractor after YSRCP leaders’
examination of work proved his political degradation. He mentioned that the
people of the state were eagerly waiting to blacklist Chandrababu and stated
that the time was not far from now. He suggested that the work should be completed
right on time before pushkarams with good quality.


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