Chandrababu resorted to manipulations again

Tirupati: Senior YSRCP Leader Bhumana Karunakar Reddy criticised that AP CM Chandrababu was once again resorting to manipulations and cheating. Speaking at a press conference here today, he told that TDP chief was getting close to BJP in order to avoid come out of the cases that were piling up on him.

YSRCP Leader said that Chandrababu was using yellow media to inform the public that BJP was trying for a compromise through the party's important leader. He pointed out that just because of TDP President's discriminated rule over the last four years, state was not awarded SCS. After facing severe opposition from the people in regards to SCS, he was making his MPs play a new drama, he mentioned and added that it was only YSRCP which was relentlessly fighting for SCS to AP.

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