Chandrababu Receives Shock Right On The First Day

  • Facts were hidden and false things were projected
  • Governor's speech is full of lies
  • MLA Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy
Amaravathi: YSRCP MLA, Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy, remarked that the Governor's speech in the assembly today was full of lies and bluff work. Speaking to the media after assembly sessions got adjourned today, he commented that it was unfortunate that Chandrababu made an experienced IAS officer like the governor to utter so many lies. He remarked that they could understand the pitiable trouble faced by the governor while uttering all the lies during his speech.

Chevireddy commented that none of the promises Babu had made on the day of his swearing in, like waiver of farmers' loans and DWCRA loans, had been realised. He also added that a job for every household had remained a dream. He ridiculed that one household in the state had certainly gotten 3 jobs and it was Babu's own, stating Balaiah, Lokesh and Babu himself had gotten political positions and that only Devansh was left in that house to get a job. Chevireddy exclaimed that there had been no mention of SCS in the speech.
  • Babu's attitude did not change even in the new facility
  • YSRCP MLA Kotamreddy Sridhar Reddy
Velagapudi: Complaining that TDP Government had made governor Narasimhan utter lies in the new assembly, just like in the earlier 3 years, YSRCP MLA, Kotamreddy Sridhar Reddy, criticised that AP CM Chandrababu had not changed his ways even in the new assembly building. He commented that Babu, with the experience of backstabbing his own father-in-law, had backstabbed people of AP in the matter of SCS and moreover made the governor say that the state did not need SCS.

How many jobs did Babu give?
Mentioning the summits organised by Chandrababu spending so much of public money, Kotamreddy questioned how many investments they had earned for the state and if it was true that they had yielded lakhs of crores of rupees, why unemployment was still a problem in the state. He also asked why there had been no mention of the number of jobs offered in the governor's speech. Questioning why Sujala Sravanthi scheme had not been allotted any money until now, he asked why the governor's speech had not mentioned anything about water and farmers' problems and how growth rate had increased as was being projected with all drought troubling agriculture.

Supreme Court will end Babu's crimes
Kotamreddy remarked that CM Chandrababu had received shock on the very first day of the assembly sessions in the form of notices from the Supreme Court in Cash for Vote case. Commenting that Chandrababu had a habit of getting stay in all his cases and got one in this case too. He questioned what the TDP MLAs and MPs who had supported offering cash for votes would say to this. He expressed hope about the Supreme Court teaching Chandrababu a lesson.
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