Chandrababu Neglecting Welfare Hostels

  • Damaged rice served to students
  • Minister Ravela indifferent to their welfare
  • YSRCP leaders Merugu Nagarjuna and Lella Appireddy
Guntur: YSRCP SC cell president, Merugu Nagarjuna slammed the Government's negligence to Dalit welfare hostels. Along with party leader Lella Appireddy, he inspected social welfare students' hostels in Guntur district. They took the problems being faced by the students in the hostels to the notice of the officials.

Speaking to the media, Merugu Nagarjuna and Lella Appireddy slammed the negligence of social welfare minister and criticised that the TDP Government was causing hardship to Dalits. Remarking that students were not being fed good quality food, they mentioned how the rice grains being used were infested and complained that the rice left in godowns was being brought and used here. They also revealed how some hostels in the district had reached a devastated state. 

You can never do it like YSR
Merugu criticised minister Ravela Kishore Babu's indifference towards the welfare of the students in the social welfare hostels. Raising objection to the minister's staying at one hostel overnight and stating that all hostels were in great condition, he recollected how YSR's tenure had given importance to the welfare of Dalit students. Remarking that TDP Government could never take care of welfare hostels like YSR, the leaders demanded that scholarships and other infrastructure should be provided to Dalits. He added that YSRCP knew how to fight for the welfare of Dalits if Chandrababu ignored it.

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