Chandrababu doesn't deserve to govern

Assembly: The Leader of Opposition, YSRCP
President, Jagan rebuked fire on the government. He stated that Naidu is
directly linked to call money and sex racket and Naidu is defending the leaders
of his party involved in playing videos while acting reluctantly about the life
of women in the State. The way Naidu is struggling to come out of this case
clearly proves that we can never find such Chief Minister anywhere. Jagan said
that Naidu is not eligible to be the CM anymore.

YS Jagan spoke to the media after the
assembly was adjouned. The points involve:

There are clear evidences in relation to
the sex racket

The man behind all is Chandrababu

The photos of the accused and the TDP
MLAs along with Naidu and Intelligence DG are also available

Prasad Boadella is not prosecuted even
after the accused were safely left abroad.

He had left abroad to prosecute the
accused Prasad Boadella

In another case the suspect is the MLC 's
own brother, however the MLA says that he is ignorant.

But, there will be not cases registered
on TDP MLAs.

However, they suspend the YSRCP Party
leaders illegally for asking the valuable questions.

The pawnbrokers are directly attacked.

The TDP government is full of false
plays and Naidu can be called as Money Babu, Sex racket Babu, and so on. The
most outrageous incident have been suspended MLAs challenging the Maparti

Suddenly Naidu is remembering Ambedkar. Happy
New Year! The only person who is worse I have seen in my life.

It is only Naidu who can use Ambedkar
for this politics. I haven't seen such a worst person in my life

It is like Kaurav Sabha where there is
no justice. When the Minister is asked to suspend by one day the no of days
that were suspended was two.

Naidu is supporting the MLAs instead of

The YSRCP MLAs clearly stated that the Land,
Sand, liquor, sex, and so anything including  Mafia, care of address is Chandrababu.

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