Chandrababu on the defence

Hyderabad: YSR Congress has said that Chandrababu Naidu has been discretely making all out efforts to appease Prime Minister Narendra Modi despite pulling out from the coalition to save his skin and the farce of fasting on his birthday has shown that he is more interested to pursue his carer than getting the Special Category Status(SCS).

Chandrababu Naidu has appealing to the people to stand with him in any eventuality shows that he puts his personal agenda ahead of peoples interests and the very purpose of his so called deeksha has not been categorically defined, party leaders Buggana Rejendernath Reddy and Ambati Rambabu told reporters in separate press conferences here on Saturday.

Appointing the wife of a BJP leader from Maharashtra to the TTD Board shows that the liaison with BJP is still on and his call to the people that they should stand with him shows that he has been preparing ground for any backlash.

In the name of Deeksha Rs 30 crores were spent and 600 RTC buses from Guntur plied to and fro the venue and state wide the number could be 1,000 and RTC incurred a loss of Rs 12 crores for ferrying the passengers free of cost.

Though the Chief Minister had preached that bandhs and protests are non-productive, when it came to practice his intent was clear, they said.

The speech of Chandrababu Naidu was like that of a Party President and no political party had extended its support, they said adding that at no point of time did he mention about the assurances given in the State Reorganisation Bill but had expressed fears that he would be targeted after Karnataka elections.

That makes clear, how he has been opening peace channels through his coterie to appease Prime Minister, they said.

Rampant corruption has been prevalent in the state under Chandrababu Naidu governance and CAG report has highlighted the many irregularities, he said
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