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() Chandrababu's uninterrupted corruption in the state
() Enticement of MLAs with black money
() Robbery of Rs.34,000 crore in 2 years
() Is Babu ready to face CBI inquiry?
() YS Jagan slams TDP Government

Delhi: The leader of opposition in AP and YSRCP president YS Jagan uncovered the account of corruption of Chandrababu Naidu and his coterie. He mentioned that Chandrababu had managed to commit corrupted activities of worth Rs.1,34,295 crore. He revealed that 34 scams had happened in the 2-year tenure of Chandrababu. He expressed his displeasure towards the uninterrupted unlawful activities of Chandrababu in the state. YS Jagan criticised Chandrababu for enticing each opposition MLA with Rs.20-30 crore, thereby slaughtering democracy. He spoke to the media in New Delhi. Here are the details of the speech.
It was unfair of Chandrababu who has been caught in note for vote case in Telangana along with audio and video proofs to continue the same unlawful activity in Andhra Pradesh, exclaimed YS Jagan. He questioned where Chandrababu was getting all this black money from. Besides, Babu was also offering the new MLAs with ministries and stated that they did not have to resign to the MLA positions. He demanded and encouraged the media to take initiative and question Babu how this works possible in democracy. Snatching MLAs from other parties, not making them to resign and not disqualifying them were signs of the Government's unconstitutional rule, opined YS Jagan.
He confided that the loss of 13 MLAs from a total of 67 was not going to affect the party in any way. He remarked that the difference in the percentage of votes earned by TDP and YSRCP was only 1.86 % as the former gathered around 46% votes while the latter collected almost 45% votes. The difference in the number of votes was less than 5 lakhs. He complained that Chandrababu had come to power by making false promises and was suppressing the voice of the people for questioning the deception. YS Jagan expressed his concern for the agony of the people of the state including the farmers, the DWCRA women and the unemployed. He commented that Chandrababu was facing resistance everywhere.

TDP manifesto had mentioned waiver of Rs.87,612 crore. Only Rs.24,000 crore had been waived in the last 2 years. This did not account to even one third of the total amount of loans to be waived, commented YS Jagan. He added that DWCRA women were paying 2% interest instead of 0%. A job for every household had not been implemented nor was the promised Rs.2000 stipend given to the unemployed. 1.75 crore households were still waiting for the stipend, YS Jagan reported. Not one of the promised houses had been built. Power charges were exceeding limits. The people were fed up by Chandrababu rule, he stated.

Y S Jagan complained that Chandrababu was trying to suppress the people by buying their representatives through enticement in order to mask his failure. He suggested to the media that it was their duty to question these acts being from the educated class. He handed over copies of the book 'Chandrababu-Emperor of Corruption' to the media. He mentioned that the book had the details of Chandrababu's scams including land mafia and sand mafia.
YS Jagan stated that Chandrababu had robbed thousands of acres of land with the name of capital city construction. He specified that Amaravathi scam alone was of worth Rs.1 lakh crore. YS Jagan complained that Chandrababu, inspite of being sure about the location of the new capital from the beginning, had not announced it and brought many names into picture. After his benamis had finished occupying and buying the lands in the capital area for meagre prices, the name of Amaravathi was announced. YS Jagan commented that this was nothing but inside trading.
After the announcement of the capital Chandrababu committed yet another scam. He implemented zoning system in two districts around the capital. He included his lands in commercial zone and marked the farmers' lands as agriculture zone, thereby banning them from being sold. Thus, Chandrababu became successful in benefiting himself and his benamis, criticised YS Jagan. He questioned what kind of deception this was.

The land pooling stopped exactly 10 feet away from the boundary of Lingamaneni estate. Chandrababu himself was living in the lingamaneni house. YS Jagan questioned if this was not to benefit them. He said the truth would surface upon running CBI enquiry basing on the documentary evidence and registration information they had presented. He criticised the yellow media for projecting party defection as a great victory for TDP. He also condemned their spreading false rumours about the defection of loyal YSRCP leaders. 

YS Jagan commented that Chandrababu was not making his newly-bought MLAs resign and go into the people. He questioned why Babu lacked confidence on his own rule. He suggested the media to sternly question Chandrababu. He complained that he was considered nice person as long as he had been in congress party but soon after he came out of the party he was accused with legal cases buy Congress Party and Telugudesam party together. YS Jagan reminded that he had fought against them at that time and confided that he would continue the same spirit in future too. He put a straight question to Chandra Chandrababu if he had the courage to undergo an enquiry.
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