CBI interferes in judicial process of Jagan case

Notwithstanding the
lack of quid-pro-quo nature in the CBI case against the YSR Congress party
president Y.S.Jagan Mohan Reddy, the Government also didn’t suffer any loss
because of the land allotments. When there is no loss, there is no question of
the investments getting the nature of quid-pro-quo.

All the decisions
permitting the land allotments were taken by the cabinet collectively but the
late YSR alone was surprisingly made responsible for the decisions while
charging his son Jagan with resorting to misuse of power.

How far is the charge
against Jagan justified when he was no way connected with official machinery?

farce of charge sheets

The CBI, which filed
the first charge sheet against Jagan on March 31 after launching the
investigation in August 2011, has been continuously filing charge sheets with
the sole aim of keeping him in jail.

After the first charge
sheet, the CBI has filed second charge sheet in April, third charge sheet in
May and the fourth one in August and informed more charge sheets would be
filed. When the CBI filed the second charge sheet, the court said hearing would
go on the two combined charge sheets together. But CBI objected to it and
sought treating each charge sheet as different case. This is clear interference
by CBI into the judicial process.

What is surprising is
that the CBI charge sheet and the remand report contain the same charges as
mentioned in the FIR which is an offshoot of the allegations made in the
petitions filed by Sankara Rao and TDP leaders against Jagan. The petitions are
made up of the allegations written by Eenadu and another Telugu daily when YSR was

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