CBI has to enquire in Rishiteshwari's Case

Guntur: It has been proved
that the culprit responsible for the suicide of Architect student, Rishiteswari
is supported by Politicians. It is also known that there has been a fact
finding committee formed by the YSRCP to enquire about the reasons behind the
suicide, situations before and after the suicide, caste related information and
other reasons. This committee is formed by the senior leaders of Krishna and
Guntur districts. Though prior permission is taken, police stopped the
committee members while they were entering into the University campus. When the
committee mentioned that they already took permission, still they were not
allowed to enter. To that the Leaders started their protests against the
police. Later on, after some time, the Leaders were given permission to enter
inside the campus.

The committee members
had a look at the area where the incident happened and tried to find the in and
out of the situation. They spoke to the people around and tried to know the
details. Later the details of the incident were revealed. They poured their
anguish that there is a discrimination shown by the groups in relation to the
caste which is also plays a vital role. The committee stated that eve teasing,
ragging were the causes for Rishiteswari's death.  The committee also
mentioned that the culprit is been protected well by politicians. That is the
major support to the culprit mentioned the committee. Based on the incident,
when an employee named, David Raj questioned, he was been removed from the
roles of his job. This proves that they targeted him, as he belongs to a lower
caste. The committee requested the Government to take
right action and inquire about the reasons for Rishiteswari's suicide

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