Can you give Ultimatum Regarding Special Status and Bifurcation Promises?

Hyderabad: Leader of opposition YS Jagan slammed CM Chandrababu Naidu’s entendre in the Legislative Assembly of AP. He spoke during the discussion regarding special status to the state and bifurcation law. He criticized that Babu spoke in a poor tone here and kept to flattery when he met the centre. He expressed agony for 2-year long wait yielding no result. He stated that the resolution over the special status was all right, while offering suggestions. He questioned Chandrababu if he could give ultimatum to the centre saying that he would withdraw the support of his ministers if the bifurcation-related promises were not realized. He commented that no response was seen in spite of waiting for as long as two years now. Then the ruling party made misinterpretation of this. YS Jagan also suggested that Prakasam district also had to be added along with Rayalaseema districts to the list of backward districts mentioned in the copy of the resolution.

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