Botcha accused of suppressing poor BCs

YSR Congres party has accused the PCC presidnet Botcha Satynarayana of suppressing the poor BCs and demanded the government to offer full reimbursement to all engineering students.

YSR Congress Party questioned the propriety of PCC chief Botcha Satyanarayana in questioning the motive behind party honourary president YS Vijayamma taking up two-day Deeksha on Sept 6 and 7 in Hyderabad seeking full fee reimbursement for the engineering students.

Addressing a media conference at the party headquarters in Hyderabad on Monday, party spokesman and BC Cell convener Gattu Ramachandra Rao said the Government would have long ago scrapped the fee reimbursement scheme if there had been no struggle by the YSRCP against the government’s efforts to dilute it totally.

“Our party has already announced Vijayamma will sit on a two day Deeksha at Indira Park in Hyderabad on Sept 6 and 7 seeking full reimbursement and implementation of the scheme in its entirety as implemented by YSR,” he said. “Already three four students committed suicide as the Government denied full reimbursement.”

Making fun of Botcha’s questioning of the Deeksha, Gattu said the very objective of politics is to do good to the people. “You have imprudently questioned Vijayamma’s motive of taking up the Deeksha. Why are you in politics first of all? As a BC leader belonging to the upper class of BCs, you are trying to suppress the lower classes of BCs. Is it justified on your part?” he questioned Botcha.

Accusing the government of differentiating between poor and rich students, Gattu asked the Congress government to implement the scheme fully and in its totality as introduced and effectively implemented by YSR.

Gattu asserted it is the right of every poor student to undertake higher education and asked the government to remove all conditions attached to the scheme. “While prescribing Rs. 2 lakh annual income for SCs and STs, Rs. 1 lakh for the BCs and Rs. 1 lakh for the physically handicapped, the Government said the full reimbursement would be given to all those who got ranks below 10,000. What is fun of linking it to the ranks again?” he questioned the government.

Observing that Government is not interested in BC development, Ramachandra Rao said more than 26 lakh students benefited when YSR introduced the scheme. “The government has conspired to rid the BC students of its right to pursue higher education,” he said, demanding the CM to take measures for full reimbursement for all students without any conditions.

Gattu slams Yenamala Rama Krishnudu

Taking objection to the TDP leader Yenamala Rama Krishnudu calling YSRCP as a poisonous plant, Gattu said TDP itself was a poisonous tree and had spread venom through its negative administration.
Taking a dig at the government, he said YSRCP president YS Jaganmohan Reddy was illegally jailed under the pretext of false cases. “The 26 GOs are not scrapped. The ministers who issued the GOs are very much there and the government has also decided to extend legal aid to them. In such a case, is it correct to jail our leader?” he questioned.

He said the Congress government has been pursuing the policy of political vendetta against YSR family and has jailed Jagan dispensing him the opportunity to pay tributes to his father YSR.
When pointed out that TDP is also planning a dharna on Sept 4 and 5 seeking full reimbursement to all students, he said the TDP has been simply copying the programmes of YSRCP.”The TDP has been hands in glove with the Congress Government,” he said.

To a query, he said there is no need for YSRCP to merge with any other party. Referring to reports in a section of the media today about the allotment of land to Raheja group for real estate development, he said instead of questioning land allotment to the company, the media has been taking sides and questioning the YSR regime’s decisions.

“Land allotment to Raheja is a sin committed by Chandrababu Naidu. YSR only tried to rectify it.” Gattu said.

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