Beware Of YSRCP Before You Try To Cheat Them

Mangalagiri: YSRCP MLA of Mangalagiri, Alla Ramakrishna Reddy complained that the Government was trying to cheat the people again with the name of 'social impact' by announcing notification with the survey numbers of the lands that had not been given. He specified that CRDA officials were supposed to take into consideration the opinion of everybody in the villages where the lands had not been given for capital acquisition. He spoke to the media at his office in Mangalagiri on Sunday.

RK mentioned that it was to be observed that the states in alliance with the central Government were themselves not in acceptance with amendment of land acquisition law. Hey reminded how the farmers who did not accept to give away their lands had been threatened for approaching the court on the 28th of last February against land acquisition. RK questioned how the CM, after having stated that the farmers could give their lands only if they pleased, could issue notification for land acquisition again.
Ramakrishna Reddy demanded to know how this notification could be issued in light of the court orders allowing the farmers of Nidamarru and Betapudi of Mangalagiri mandal, Penumaka and Undavalli of Tadepalli mandal to practice agriculture in their lands. RK revealed that the 2013 law stated that land acquisition could be done only if 80% of the people in the villages agreed to it. He added that all the villagers should be asked for their opinions according to the law and only if 80% of them agreed the Government should go forward with issuing notification for the acquisition.
MLA RK cautioned the Government that YSR Congress party was ready to consolidate protests against the Government on behalf of the farmers if it tried to acquire their lands with force in spite of not realising the promises it had made to the farmers and the agricultural labourers.
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