Battle between credibility, opportunism

Atmakur , (Nellore dist),
April 21, 2014: Describing the ensuing elections as battle between politics of
honesty filled with credibility and politics of degeneration and opportunism,
YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has appealed to the people to vote for YSRCP fan symbol
that would change the course of the state towards fast-track development and

“In less than three week’s
time general elections are due and you have to use your wisdom in electing a
leader who cares for the poor and shows concern for your welfare. You have to
select a person who will stand by his word and do not abandon you once the
elections are over,” he said addressing a large gathering here on Sunday as
part of the YSR Jana Bheri electioneering.

Braving the scorching sun,
people in large numbers attended the road show in which Jagan has drawn a
contrast between the governance of YSR and Chandrababu Naidu. “YSR and looked
beyond political, regional and social affiliations while implementing the welfare
schemes and is remembered by everyone five years after his death as he has
touched the hearts of the multitude of people.

Before that there was a
dark age of Chandrababu Naidu during which farmers, students, women and all
sections have suffered and he is known for doling out a barrage promises even
without considering the feasibility or the methodology of implementing them as
he has intention to implement them. Once the elections are over he forgets them
and this is a proven fact.

TDP election promise of Rs
2 kg rice was done away with and he increased the price, he has lifted the
prohibition and encouraged setting up of numerous belt shops and he has
backstabbed NTR for the annexing power and party.

You remember or forget,
praise or flay a person for the way he has governed the state and the two
contrasting models are before you, he said.

I have inherited from YSR
the legacy of not going back on my word and will implement all the poll
promises without fail.

Chandrababu Naidu on the
other hand has been promising “all free” from TV sets to cell phones and is
speaking of waving farm and DWACRA loans to a tune of Rs 1.50 lakh crores.
People have also asked me to give the same promise, but I refused as I cannot
make false promise like Naidu as I want to be in politics for 30 more years.

Naidu can afford to do it
as this would be his last election. When the state budget itself is 1.25 lakh
crores how can he waive loans worth Rs 1.50 crores. The waiver should be done
by the Centre and not the state. The TDP leader is bluffing and when he comes
to this town question him if his waiver scheme is feasible.

Not just election promises,
much before that he has given a letter to the Centre giving his unconditional
support to the bifurcation of the State and he helped Sonia Gandhi in the
division process. In this part of the State he says that lots of injustice was
done to this region while his MP has cast the vote for a separate state in Lok
Sabha and celebrated the event.

Such divisive forces should
be rejected, he said amidst loud round of applause.

He reiterated that the five
files he would sign immediately after coming to power would give financial aid
to mothers for sending two children to schools, increase the old age pension to
Rs 700, set up a Market Stabilisation Fund to ensure MSP to farmers who are
undergoing lot of turmoil due to market dynamics, waive DWACRA groups loans and
decrentralise administration.

Housing would also be given
top priority and 50 lakh houses would be built in five year and the state would
not have any power cuts by 2019. Belt shops will be closed down and ten jobs
would be provided to local women to police the social evil, he said and
appealed to the people to vote for YSRCP fan symbol to ensure a welfare state.


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