Babu's Package Stinks

  • It is degradation to order inhibition of YSRCP MPs
  • The youth should chase away Chandrababu
  • It was Babu who got NTR's statue to be set on fire
  • YSRCP woman's wing president RK Roja
  • Tirupati: YSRCP woman's wing president and MLA RK Roja commented that the package brought by Chandrababu for the people of AP stank. She called it a symbol of political degradation for CM Chandrababu to order for inhibition of YSRCP MPs in Delhi, instead of fighting for SCS.

    Speaking to the media at Tirupati, she mentioned that everybody knew how Chandrababu and his MPs had selfishly mortgaged SCS at Delhi. She criticised TDP Government for bragging about new MoUs of worth Rs.10 lakh crore, while the MoUs of last year still remained untouched and challenged Chandrababu to reveal how many industries had been set up in each district using those MoUs.

    Recollecting Chandrababu's promise to provide jobs and the summits held twice in three years, she questions how many jobs had been provided till now, at least in TDP offices and student and youth wings. Expressing concern about Chandrababu's cheap tricks and deception, she slammed the CM for deploying police force and anti-democratically suppressing the movement for SCS that happened on the 26th of January throughout the state.

    Roja called it tyrannical to oppress people from expressing their problems and called for chasing away such a rule.

    Ready to resign for SCS
    Roja complained that TDP leaders were trying to impose their misdeeds and crimes on YSRCP leaders. Mentioning that it was TDP leaders who had set fire to NTR's statue in Guntur, she slammed the Government for getting YSRCP leaders arrested instead. She specified that YS Jagan respected NTR with equal respect as towards YSR. Roja doubted that Chandrababu could have done the misdeed, just as he removed NTR's pictures from party offices. She expressed readiness to resign to her position if needed, to achieve SCS and mentioned that YSRCP would keep fighting until the status was achieved.

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