Babu's Desperate Attempts To Cover Up His Failure

  • Removal of YSR's statue is condemnable
  • The statue has to be restored
  • YSRCP leaders caution the Government

Hyderabad, July 30: YSR Congress has severely condemned the removal of YSR's statue in Vijayawada and said that the statue should be restored immediately. ‘The removal of the statue is an act of hurting the sentiments of the people of the state and we demand that the statue be restored immediately,’ party spokesperson K Parthasarthi told reporters here on Saturday. MLA Srikanth Reddy spoke about the same issue at a different location. He mentioned that it was not as easy to remove YSR's place from people's hearts as it is to remove his statue. Here is what they spoke.
  • Removal of YSR's statue is atrocious. Chandrababu is acting vengefully.
  • Chandrababu's thoughts are all destructive.
  • When YSR was the Chief Minister, many statues of NTR which were causing inconvenience to traffic were not touched. Example is NTR's statue in Patamata.
  • This act is only to cover up the inefficiency of Chandrababu Naidu in convincing the centre on the special status issue.
  • This is a desperate act to try to stop people from remembering YSR and his rule.
  • If a statue has to be removed, they should first contact those who established it or at least YSRCP.
  • Babu has already slaughtered YSR's schemes, thereby backstabbing the poor.
  • For Government schemes to reach the poor, they have to stand with respect in front of TDP activists.
  • People are unable to digest the unjust removal of YSR's statue.
  • Chandrababu has miserably failed in realising people's rights.
  • The officers can't act like slaves to the state Government. They have to act according to rules and regulations.
  • The removed statue of YSR has to be restored by the Government. Otherwise YSRCP will do it.
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