Babu Should Feel Ashamed Of His Negligence To Farmers

  • Farmers' situation worsened under Babu's rule
  • Negligence to farmers in his vicinity
  • YS Jagan's tour in Gannavaram constituency
  • YS Jagan consoles drought-affected farmers of Bommuluru
Vijayawada: The leader of opposition in AP and YSRCP president, YS Jagan, commented that farmers' condition under Chandrababu's rule had worsened. During his tour in Gannavaram constituency of Krishna district, he examined the crops withered due to water scarcity in Bommuluru. After consoling the farmers affected by the loss, he spoke to the media to criticise that the situation of farmers in the district of irrigation minister proved the situation in other areas.

YS Jagan slammed Chandrababu's negligence towards farmers, despite his living close to these drought-stricken areas and the way lands were being snatched from them, over not providing irrigation water. Mentioning that only 1000 acres out of the 18,000 acres in the constituency were under cultivation, he commented that Chandrababu should bow his head in shame.

Expressing concern about the fertile lands going dry in capital region despite it being a delta area, he mentioned how the farmers were distressed that about the downfall in cost of blackgram from Rs.12,000 per quintal to Rs.6,000 per quintal. He condemned the Government officers for not estimating losses and paying compensation to the impacted farmers.

MLAs Kodali Nani, Rakshana Nidhi, Meka Pratap Apparao and leaders Ramachandra Rao, Jogi Ramesh and Perni Nani accompanied YS Jagan in his tour.
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