Babu Mocks Democracy

Hyderabad: YSRCP president and leader of opposition YS Jagan criticized Chandrababu’s Government by saying he mocked democracy. He explained that they were admitting No Confidence Motion to conclude the disqualification of the 8 MLAs decoyed into TDP. During the debate on No Confidence Motion in the assembly, YS Jagan uncovered the Government’s failure along with official numbers.

 The defected MLAs had to resign or be disqualified, remarked YS Jagan. With the fear of disqualification, the TDP Government had plotted conspiracy to assist them to escape the voting time, he stated. YS Jagan also added that everybody knew how the MLAs were grabbed using corrupt money as lure. Now none of those MLAs were to be seen in the assembly. Whip was already issued and according to it, the members were supposed to vote against Chandrababu’s Government. Not voting also would lead to their disqualification, specified YS Jagan.

 YS Jagan complained that the ministers were misinterpreting his words. The TDP leaders were buying opposition party MLAs, mocking democracy. Choosing to silence the opposition party that was to speak against the Government for the benefit of the people, they were employing corrupt money as lure.

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