Babu, Lokesh robbing State exchequer

Vijayawada: Coming down heavily on Chandrababu and his son Nara Lokesh, Vijayawada YSRCP District head Vellampalli Srinivas, said that people in the state were appalled looking at the levels of corruption of both the father and son who were indulging in land grabbing activities and robbing the state exchequer.

At the YSRCP Vijayawada Party office, Vellampalli Srinivas along with former MLA Malladi Vishnu addressed journalists at a press meet and spoke about the way they were indiscriminately grabbing any vacant land at sight in Amaravathi and also questioned as to who gave the right to Chandrababu and Devineni Uma to donate irrigation land under GO 340, in the heart of Vijayawada.

Instead of discussing issues about public welfare in cabinet meetings, Chandrababu is busy robbing the state funds, acquiring and ceding hundreds of acres of land to his party people.

Nara Lokesh's challenge that he was ready to face trial if the allegations of corruption against him were proved is quite amusing, because both Chandrababu and Lokesh were getting stay orders and asked if they really had the guts to face investigations against them. Naidu talks as if some injustice has been meted out to the state when the IT raids on CM Ramesh and Sujana Choudary happened. People know that they both are his benamis.

Former MLA Malladi Vishnu said that Naidu was allocating government lands as if they were his own properties and that GO 340 should be repealed immediately and an enquiry committee with a sitting judge should be appointed to investigate these land dealings. A Whitepaper should also be released on the allotments of lands to TDP office and other ancillary organisations.

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