Babu Himself Does Not Confide In TDP

* Swiss challenge for Babu's personal benefit
* Plan to rob thousands of crores of rupees
* Are Singapore's companies some sort of charitable trusts?
* What's wrong with employing Indian companies?
* Botsa slams Chandrababu

Hyderabad: YSRCP's senior leader Botsa Satyanarayana commented that the constructionof capital city in Swiss challenge system is only to rob thousands of crores of rupees. He stated that the system lacked transparency and seemed fishy. Naming it the people's capital only meant they would rob the people in its name, he remarked. He said it was ridiculous of Chandrababu to say that the companies of Singapore had come forward out of affection and questioned if they were some sort of charitable trusts to do so.

What did Vijay Kelkar committee say?

Botsa reminded that the 8-member Kelkar committee appointed by the central Government had given a report in 2015, indicating against the employment of Swiss challenge system. Then Chandrababu had announced that agreement had been done withone company and anyone could challenge it if interested. Speaking to the media at the party's central office, Botsa slammed this behaviour of Babu.

Are none of the Indian companies eligible?

Botsa questioned how justified was it to consider all the Indian companies unqualified. He remarked that Babu only liked those companies and contractors who would fill his pockets more heavily. He specified that YSRCP was not against the construction of the capital city but was only against the corruption happening in its name. He condemned the rule that said a newly formed Government would have to pay heavy compensation to the companies in case of termination of contract with them. He added that inclusion of this rule established the lack of confidence of Babu on TDP.

The state's benefits are at stake

Botsa suggested that people had to observe how TDP Government was deceiving them in the name of development. He demanded Chandrababu to withdraw his decision regarding employment of Swiss challenge system and carry out the construction of the capital city according to the centre's regulations. He cautioned that those who cooperated for unlawful agreements would have to soon pay for it.
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