Attack By Marshals On MLAs Condemnable

Hyderabad: Chandrababu had
supported the bifurcation of the state and done severe injustice to the people
and again today, he was
doing injustice by mortgaging special status, opined YSRCP MLAs. Speaking at
the assembly’s media point, they slammed attack on them by assembly marshals.

Attack by marshals to
evade discussion: Meka Pratap Apparao

The Government had
employed assembly marshals to attack YSRCP MLAs to deliberately hinder
discussion on special category status from happening, commented MLA Meka Pratap
Apparao. While agitations were happening throughout the state, Chandrababu,
instead of fighting as a responsible CM, was showing indifference, he
exclaimed. As secret agreement had happened in the matter of special package,
Chandrababu was not ready to discuss it in the assembly, he supposed. He
commented that Chandrababu seemed to be wanting to spend the rest of his tenure
easily out of his indifference to the state’s future. He condemned the attack
by assembly marshals on YSRCP MLAs.

Attack was done by the
marshals: Mustafa

MLA Mustafa complained
that the assembly marshals had deliberately attacked the MLAs of YSRCP in order
to pose a hindrance to the discussion on special category status. Mentioning
that AP had been served injustice, he slammed minister Yanamala Ramakrishnudu for
mockery in stating that the house was not Lotus Pond. He suggested that the
ruling party realise how much AP would lose if special category status was not

Status mortgaged to
the centre: Dadisetty Raja

MLA Dadisetty Raja
mentioned that Chandrababu had mortgaged the matter of special category status,
the right of the people of AP, in order to get out of legal cases. He
criticised that Babu had destroyed the future of the youth of the state by
accepting the special package announced by the centre. He slammed TDP leaders
for not coming forward to discuss in spite of all this.

Chance to talk is not
being given: Chintala Ramachandra Reddy

The opposition party
had not been given a chance to talk about the injustice being done in the
matter of special category status in the assembly, exclaimed YSRCP MLA Chintala
Ramakrishna Reddy. Mentioning that the leader of opposition YS Jagan had been
given just half a minute to speak on the first day of the assembly sessions, he
stated that the Government had fled from discussing the issue on the second
day. Chintala commented that the voice of the opposition had been suppressed by
the Government and called for making the state bandh a success.

Deception is Babu’s
main habit: Pinnelli Ramakrishna Reddy

YSRCP whip and MLA
Pinnelli Ramakrishna Reddy commented that Chandrababu had been habitual of
bluffing with fake statements since the beginning. Keeping aside the demand of
5 crore people of AP and giving importance to special package, he had deceived
the people again, he said. Exclaiming that the Government was evading as the
opposition insisted on discussion on special category status, he specified that
the assembly marshals were employed to attack YSRCP MLAs in order to shield the
details of Chandrababu’s corruption through special package from being exposed.
Pinnelli complained that the special status had been mortgaged in order for Chandrababu
to get out of Cash for Vote case. As the Government had ignored the
responsibility to behave according to the wishes of the people, the opposition
was taking the side of the people, he said. He proclaimed that YSRCP’s fight
for the status would continue.

Venkaiah Naidu is
insulting AP: Korumutla Srinivasulu

YSRCP MLA Korumutla
Srinivasulu condemned the employment of assembly marshals in the house today.
He questioned if marshals could be employed in making laws and GOs. He
complained that the Government was not caring for the opposition party leaders
and people’s problems. He expressed discontent towards Venkaiah Naidu and
Sushma Swaraj’s mockery in press meets in light of their earlier recommendation
to offer 15 years of special category status to the state. He remarked that the
Government had imposed many false cases on the leaders of the opposition party
in order to silence the relent struggle being led by the party’s president YS
Jagan. Stating that they had proposed for discussion in the assembly in order
to wake up the dormant Government. He cautioned that YSRCP’s fight would
continue until the union and the state Governments came down.

TDP oppressing MLAs’
rights: Kona Raghupathi

The Government was
oppressing the rights of YSRCP MLAs in the assembly, complained MLA Kona
Raghupathi. He questioned how the Government could welcome the special package leaving
special category status. He also remarked that it was atrocious of the
Government to say that they could find answers in the statement to be delivered
by the Government when the opposition had insisted that the Government was answerable
to the opposition and the people of the state. He slammed the way assembly
marshals had been employed to inhibit them from speaking to the speaker regarding
their demand for discuss on the status. Raghupathi stated that they had
insisted for the discussion to happen because there was no better dais to
discuss the status than the assembly. He commented that only certain TDP
leaders would be benefited from the package welcomed by the CM.

Special status is a
critical issue: Amzad Basha

Kadapa MLA Amzad Basha
opined that the matter of special category status was an issue of life and
death for 5 crore people. While people were waiting for the status to be
sanctioned in order for the state of AP to be developed after the loss it had
faced due to bifurcation, Chandrababu had entered into compromise with the
centre and welcomed special package, he complained. Stating that the package
would only benefit Chandrababu and TDP leaders, he slammed the way assembly
marshals had assaulted YSRCP MLAs as they were peacefully protesting at the
speaker’s podium. He questioned the Government why such a scary situation had
been created in the house.


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