Assembly sessions Boycott

Hyderabad: The AP Winter Assembly Sessions will be closing today. The YSRCP boycotted the Assembly Sessions today also in protest against the Call Money Sex Exploitation and suspension of Roja. The Ruling party is counterattacking the opposition and obstructing discussions on public issues. Chandrababu is afraid that if opposition was given a chance to debate all his party corruption and illegal activities might be exposed. In this context the ruling party MLA’s and Ministers are counterattacking the opposition by abusing the opposition members, by obstructing the session and disconnecting the mike and other nuisance in the house. The ruling party has violated all the rules of the House.

With the Government declaring that there will be no further discussion on call money sex exploitation case and also no second thought on MLA Roja’s suspension, the opposition party YSRCP condemned the ruling party’s atrocious behavior and boycotted the Assembly sessions. So, the House is functioning as it pleases without opposition party’s presence.

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