Arogyasri will be restored to its former glory once again

Narsapuram: Leader of Opposition in Andhra Pradesh legislative assembly and YSRCP president, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy said that under Rajanna Rajyam, Arogyasri, the pioneering healthcare initiative, would be strengthened and expanded. The scheme would be extended to other states, he stated.

YS Jagan recalled how 104 and 108 services functioned efficiently under the late Dr. YS Rajasekhara Reddy. YS Jagan said that he met a bus driver, Lakshman Rao, at Sarepalli this morning, who said that he suffered a paralytic stroke one night. Lakshman Rao replied that he didn't get a rupee under Arogyasri and that he incurred an expenditure of Rs.2000 each month.

There are no ambulances and the ones that are there are not functioning, he pointeed out. Network hospitals are opting out of Arogyasri because bills are not being paid by the TDP government. Cancer and other ailments require expensive treatment which are beyond the reach of the common man today, YS Jagan said.

All this will change under Rajanna Rajyam, he said. Arogyasri will be restored to its former glory once again, he assured the massive gathering.

YS Jagan said that the elderly constitute an important segment of society who are being neglected. Under Rajanna Rajyam all those over 60 years of age will be given Rs. 2000 as pensions. SC, ST, BC women will be given pensions at the age of 45 onwards, YS Jagan said.

The YSRCP chief said that the minute he stepped into Narsapuram, people came up to him and said, "Anna, Chandrababu Naidu thinks of us only at the time of elections." The residents told him that Chandrababu talks of a fishing harbour for fishermen only at the time of elections. He did so in 2014 and earlier as well, they recalled. Later, there was no mention of harbour.

Fishermen were given Rs. 4000 during fishing holiday from April 15-June 15, but under Chandrababu Naidu this money was not being paid, they complained. Fishermen were not given houses which were promised to them. Earlier, when a fisherman died at sea, his family was given assistance, but not a rupee was paid under Chandranna Beema, during Chandrababu's time, they lamented, said the YSRCP chief.

YS Jagan assured fishermen that instead of Rs. 4000, during fishing holiday, YSRCP will give them 10000 when it comes to power. He added that fishermen lead an uncertain life and that in case of a tragic incident at sea, the family of a fisherman will get Rs. 10 lakhs instead of the 5 lakhs being given now. He also announced the setting up of separate corporation for the fisherman community.

Salt producers suffered under TDP, the YSRCP chief said. They did not get any support price and middlemen were exploiting them. Heritage shops sell a kg of salt at Rs. 10, which they buy from salt producers at Re 1.70.

YS Jagan pointed out that the celebrated local lace industry was in a state of neglect. He pointed out that many people came up to him and recalled the establishment of a Lace Park by the late Dr. YS Rajasekhara Reddy. YS Jagan assured the workers of the lace industry that they will get assistance as weavers and handicrafts artisans do, to the extent of Rs. 2000.

Funds for a diversion canal near Narsapuram were sanctioned by the late Dr. YSR, but the work remained incomplete, people represented to him.

YS Jagan said that people in West Godavari district and elsewhere complained of being forced to drink contaminated water, which was being supplied by the government. He held a bottle of coloured water and said that it was not sugar cane juice, but water, which people were forced to drink. This was the situation under Chandrababu Naidu, who had promised mineral water, he said.

YS Jagan observed that the TDP had organized Mahanadu only to criticise him and added that it was an international display of competitions in lies and cheating, deception and conspiracies. Chandrababu stood first consistently in all the events since 1995, while Nara Lokesh came second, he added.

Ironically, Mahanadu was held on NTR's birth anniversary, he pointed out. YS Jagan said that Chandrababu had snatched NTR's party, flag, and trust and was responsible for his death. He now garlands his photograph at what YS Jagan referred to as 'Daganadu.' Instead of listing out the TDP's achievements of 4 years as the party goes into elections, the ruling party indulged in lies and slander, he said. Chandrababu Naidu, who had always dwelt on Special Package, suddenly woke up to the need of Special Category Status to Andhra Pradesh, he pointed out. Chandrababu, funnily enough claims that of the 600 promises in the party's manifesto, 98% had been fulfilled! Such was the level of Chandrababu's deception, he added and said that it was up to people to elect leaders of integrity.

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