Any person in place of Babu should have been pushed to jail:

As Chandrababu is in the position of Chief Minister, he is spared. If
not, he would have been pushed to Jail, said the Leader of opposition,
YS Jagan.

complete responsibility for the stampede incident happened in
Rajamundry is with Babu. After the holy bath in the Godavari near
Kovvuru, Jagan spoke to the Media.

expressed his anger that the incident would not have happened if
Chandrababu Naidu have done the pujas, near the VIP ghat instead of the
Pushkara ghat for almost 2 hours, where there were large number of
people waiting for the holy dip.  To cover his mistakes, Babu is
insisting for investigation on the officers – stated Jagan. As
Chandrababu is CM, he is smoothly missing the punishment of jail,
whereas if anyone is there in this position would be taken for toss said

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