Allow media to cover Assembly

Hyderabad, Dec 28: YSR Congress has said
that the videos released by the Andhra Pradesh Legislative Assembly were not
identical and demanded that the entire media should have privy to cover the
Assembly proceedings.

'The clippings released by sources not
known to responsible people in the government and doing the rounds in the
social media are different to that of those released to us and the Speaker had
no clarity on the duality,’ party MLA G Srikanth Reddy told media here on

As the selective clippings, which were
morphed or otherwise, did the rounds in the social media and the Speaker
feigned ignorance while those released to us on demand were totally different.
The earlier ones had our MLA Chevireddy Bhaskar Reddy in his usual attire while
in this session he was on deeksha and was wearing a different dress.

While even a small slip of tongue from
our side was blown out of proportion, the heavy abuse and unparliamentary words
from the treasury benches were heard with clarity as the mike was on and went
on record and air. There was no objection from the Chair and the abuse
continued in the melee.

The video clippings released are very
selective and were captured to show our MLAs in poor light and it was a
deliberate attempt. We had to rush to the podium to ensure mike to the Leader
of Opposition which in ordinary circumstances come in the natural way. We
demand that the coverage of assembly proceedings should be allowed to the
entire media and not one or two favoured media houses, he said.

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