2019 elections to sound the death-knell of TDP

2019 elections will sound the death-knell of the TDP at the hustings, said Raghurami Reddy Mydukur MLA. In protest against the Chandrababu Naidu government’s policy regarding the issue of unemployment allowance and filling up of the government jobs YSR student union had organized a 48 hour relay hunger strike here in Kadapa Ambedkar circle.

City mayor K.Suresh Babu, Kadapa legislator Amjad Basha and Raghurami Reddy gave the youths fruit juice making them end the fast. The government has completely evaded the unemployment allowance. Only 5% of the eligible youth are being provided with the allowance and the rest of the 95% are not receiving it. Four years and eight months have passed since the TDP government came into power, and as of now the dues payable to each student are running into lakhs, he further added.

TDP is about to face the public in the coming elections in four months, and they assume they will buy votes from the public by paying them four thousand. It is only Chandrababu’s son who is employed by the government, he said. TDP claims they have spent crores of rupees on building the capital but in reality, there is nothing concrete. Chandrababu has mortagaged the special status for special package. His campaign for special status cuts no ice either with the Centre or the general public.
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