Governance going digital way with Citizen’s needs as core to it , even in Covid -19 times …….

Government of Andhra Pradesh led by its ever-vibrant dynamic leader, Sri. Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy has created huge administrative structure, one of its kind, at grass roots level of the State with required employees, a Village / Ward Secretariat for every 2000 population, on average one Volunteer Cluster / Territorial Unit for, on an average of 50 to 100 households. Volunteers are positioned with a mandate of door delivering the services to the eligible citizen.
To monitor, nurture such a huge administrative structure, a separate department, Gram Volunteer / Ward Volunteer & Village Secretariat & Ward Secretariat is created and started to equip with Officers and personnel with right attitude and aptitude to make the initiative a successful one.
A separate Joint Collector post is created at the District Level to supervise and monitor the departmental activities, under whose guidance all the bottlenecks that may come across are being addressed.
It has resulted in decentralization of functioning of the Government and improved efficiency in delivery of services to Citizen like never before.
To streamline the system, Government has taken steps to develop and host dedicated portal, GSWS Portal with all the required Dashboards and made them available to all administrative functionaries, thereby making it easy for the Government to ensure service delivery, a hassle free.
There is an efficient Technical Team coupled with a Project Monitoring Unit (PMU) led by dynamic  team of Tech-savy IAS officers, Sri. Ajay Jain, Principal Secretary to Government and Sri. Naveen Kumar, IAS, Commissioner & Director, at the Headquarter is working on real time basis to address the difficulties faced by the Staff of Village / Ward Secretariats in delivering their services.
Citizen can access the services by placing requests at Village/ Ward Secretariats and will be processed and delivered within the period of SLA that is fixed for the Service.
With such a robust setup, it is no surprise, if we look at statistics offered through the portal, major services that are absolutely required like Rice Card (related 5 Services, food security), Pension requests (social security) by the needy and eligible beneficiaries, Arogya Sri Card (offering Health security) 93% of Service requests are addressed within the period of Service Level Agreement (SLA).
Is the Governance in the country is looking at examples to be citizen centric governance ? it will be hard to see beyond Andhra in the present day Covid-19 times ….
 Ajay Jain, IAS, Principal Secretary says …….., we are still not done yet, we feel whatever is achieved so far gives inspiration to achieve greater things to meet the vision of Hon’ble Chief Minister, Sri. Y.S. Jagan Mohan Reddy garu, where every service request is met with equally strong and passionate response and address them quickly. Still, we are in midst of creating so many things to further streamline and equip the system to work more efficiently.

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