Chandrababu is planning to back-stab RLIP!!

Thanks to Chandrababu’s machinations, the interests of Rayalaseema region, which is now finally set to address the perennial drought stalking the region, would again e compromised. At a time when the Rayalaseema Lift Irrigation Scheme is being envisaged to transform the arid region, Chandrababu Naidu is planning to back-stab the project. Knowing that his political fate would be sealed if the project becomes a reality, he is trying to put spokes into it.

Despite being in power for such a long period of time, Chandrababu has done precious little to alleviate the lot of the perennially drought hit Rayalaseema. Now when YS Jagan has initiated concrete steps to address the issue, he is not just speaking the language of Telangana, but is also trying stall the project. He has done it with Polavaram. He had not pretty much nothing for the project. Now, he is trying to impede the same project. He had tried to stall late YSR’s ambitious Jala Yagnam in the past and is now trying to do the same with the Rayalaseema Lift Irrigation project.

Babu goes ballistic against AP’s interests

Ironically, the whole of Telangana, cutting across party lines is speaking in one voice to oppose Rayalaseema Lift Irrigation Scheme. In AP, however, the opposition, including the TDP, Congress and the Left parties,  is trying to work against the interests of the state and its people. Chandrababu is working overtime to stall the project work come hell or high-fire. While in Telangana, everyone is united, in AP, attempts are on to isolate the party in power. The yellow media too is working overtime to run down the government and the prestigious Rayalaseema LIS. Chandrababu is worried that if the project gets completed, Jagan’s popularity will soar and Chandrababu would lose ground. So, only political considerations are weighing in Chandrababu’s mind, not people’s concerns.

Jagan’s masterly calculations

After the formation of Telangana,  its Chief Minister KCR had maintained cordial relations with the neighbours and tried to get all the ticklish issues solved. As part of it, he held parleys with Maharashtra and ironed out the differences so that Kaleshwaram project could get going.
Jagan too wanted to toe the same path of reconciliation and bonhomie. He is trying to untie the knots of discord between AP and its neighbours such as Odisha and AP. As part of it, he had also prepared ground for talks with KCR. But, KCR-Jagan bonhomie is not to the liking of Chandrababu, who feels that the ground would slip from under his feet. So, he is now trying to betray the interests of AP and is trying to help Telangana.

Many benefits from Rayalaseema LIS

The Rayalaseema LIS was conceived by YS Jagan Mohan Reddy to benefit the parched regions of Nellore and Prakasam districts besides Rayalaseema districts. The project is currently in the tendering phase. Already Telangana Congress leaders Revanth Reddy, Bhatti Vikramarka and Nagam Janardhan Reddy have raised their voice against the project saying that it would affect the irrigation in Telangana. Telangana BJP too has joined hands with them. The TRS too is speaking in the same tone and tenor. Unfortunately for AP, Chandrababu raked up an unnecessary controversy on the project. He is using the Yellow media and his coverts working in BJP, Congress and the CPI. He is trying to peddle a narrative that the AP government’s stand will harm AP.

It may be noted that though the AP Government had issued orders for the construction of the Rayalaseema Lift Irrigation Scheme in May itself, the Telangana government remained silent. There was no objection from the Telangana government. Even the TRS leaders remained largely silent.  It had to raise the issue only after the Congress and the BJP raked it up in Telangana. Instead of backing YS Jagan, Chandrababu is now trying to work against the interests of AP.

It is about time that Chandrababu sheds his negative attitude and works to protect the interests of Andhra Pradesh. The Rayalaseema LIS is a game-changer of a project and anyone trying to stall this will be taught a fitting lesson by the people of Andhra Pradesh.

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