YSRCP demands Ramesh Kumar resignation

Amaravati: YSRCP has demanded the resignation of the State Election Commissioner N Ramesh Kumar for not acknowledging the letter written on his name to Union Home Ministry seeking Central forces for his protection and for conduct of elections besides demeaning the State Government in derogatory terms which is unbecoming for an official holding such a high office. 

Speaking to media here on Thursday, Government Advisor (Public Affairs) Sajjala Ramakrishna Reddy said as Ramesh Kumar had neither confirmed nor declined that he had written the letter, we assume that it was written by him, and take strong objection to the tone and tenor of the letter and demand that he quit the high office for taking sides and speaking in the voice of the Opposition and bringing disgrace to the post he is holding. 

The allegations and language used in the letter were not appropriate for a person who is holding a high position in the democratic process. The statements were depreciative and were completely from the opposition party point of view. He was instituted to follow constitutional rights but not to follow Naidu’s instructions as was apparent in the letter which was highly opinionated and slanted in favour of TDP. 

The letter spoke of unanimous elections in a higher percentage and being a custodian of law the SEC should have refrained to comment on it as he is the SEC and he being a constitutional head speaking against the Ordinance issued to check the flow of liquor and money in the local body elections as a draconian law is simply outrageous and has lost the moral right to hold the office as such words come out of delirium, he said. 

Chandrababu Naidu influenced the chairman of Legislative Council during the recent session and now the State Election Commissioner was influenced by Naidu in postponing the local body elections. The recent letter has come up to divert the Supreme Court judgment on local body elections which has upheld the State’s contention removing the Model Code of Conduct, he said.  

Even since the letter had gone viral it was repeatedly played by the friendly channels of TDP blowing it out of proportion and causing lot of damage to the State Government. Late in the night a news agency has reported Ramesh Kumar’s denial.

Yet the media carried banner stories playing up the contents of the letter and dovetailing the denial at the end in an insignificant one liner which shows the conspiracy angle to the entire episode, he said. 

It was a conspiracy to postpone the local body elections citing coronavirus as the reason and a section of media highlighted it favoring TDP. It can be clearly seen from the judgment of the Supreme Court that the decision to postpone the local body elections was taken under political influence, he said. 

“While, YSRCP is confident about victory in the elections as Chief Minister YS Jagan Mohan Reddy implemented various welfare schemes in the state and fulfilled 90 percent of election promises in nine months of his government, Naidu was aware of leaders leaving the TDP as they lost faith in his leadership and afraid of losing in local body elections had conspired to postpone the elections” he said

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