TDP Manifesto A Bundle Of Lies

YS Jagan Mohan Reddy


Stating that Party manifesto is a navigator for the governance to come, the YSR Congress stated that it would stick to all the promises made and appealed to the people to vote for a change while Chandrababu Naidu released a manifesto which is bundle of lies.

Addressing a series of public meetings with three days to go for the electioneering, party leaders YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, YS Vijayamma and YS Sharmila said, YSRCP manifesto covered all sections of people and has a balanced view keeping economics and viability in view.

The TDP manifesto began with a blatant lie that it has fulfilled all the 2014 poll promises and dishes out another batch of promises though the 600 odd promises of the previous electioneering are still pending which shows that Chandrababu does not take the manifesto seriously and he has even removed it from the TDP website.

YSRCP on the other hand, will deliver Navaratnalu at your doorstep through decentralised administration, the leaders said.

YS Vijayamma addressing massive election rally

YS Vijayamma addressing massive election rally

Party Honorary President YS Vijayamma launched a scathing attack on Chandrababu Naidu and tore his remarks on YSRCP to shreds saying that he has no sense of decency and lacked public speaking skills. He has been calling names attributing them to YSRCP dubbing it as a party of thieves, rowdies and gangsters. I strongly condemn all allegations, the tone and tenor of Chandrababu who is known for groupism, murder politics, conspiracy and backstabbing.

There was an attack on my son YS Jagan at Vizag airport when Chandrababu was chief minister, he was the person who threatened my husband about his safe return on the last day of assembly session and YSR died under suspicious circumstances. His father YS Raja Reddy was brutally murdered when Chandrababu was chief minister and YSR’s younger brother YS Vivekanada Reddy was brutally murdered when TDP was in power.

YS Sharmila addressing massive election rally

YS Sharmila addressing massive election rally

It was your blessings that saved Jagan from the attempt on his life in Vizag and I assure you that he will fulfil all the promises mentioned in the manifesto, she said.

After the Tuni arson, the TDP chief has been speaking ill about people of Rayalaseema and he has misused the Assembly and gagged the voice of opposition with the help of the Speaker so that public issues are not raised.

He has bought 23 MLAs and inducted four of them into his cabinet and has institutionalised corruption. At the same time, he has brought in huge loans pushing the state into Deep debts.

If we win all 20 seats, we will be in a position to bargain better to achieve Special Category Status, he said.

Chandrababu has been cheating women in the name of Pasupu Kunkuma. What he has been offering is a fraction of what he actually owes to the women of the state. He has promised waiver of loans to women groups but has never implemented.

Party President YS Jagan Mohan Reddy in his whirlwind tour said that conspiracies are flying freely and Chandrababu has been using all his skills of manipulation, muscle, media and money power but never speaks about the performance of his government in the last five years.

Our manifesto is compact, has clarity, covers all sections of the society and we have the strong and sincere will to implement it in letter and spirit.

Special Category Status (SCS) can provide more jobs and investments and we have no tie-up with any political party. Chandababu Naidu was with every Party. First, he was with NDA, and then he moved to Left again he veered back to BJP then he went into the Congress fold. He has no coherence and shifts his stand quite often.

We are alone and will fight on our own and will support the Party that will assure us SCS, they said.

Chandababu has promised loan waiver to farmers and women groups, jobs and unemployment stipend besides others but has miserably failed in fulfilling them.

With such notorious track record of going back on all the promises, he shamelessly comes up with another manifesto in which he is promising the moon.

He has scraped the interest free loan scheme to women groups and what he is now giving is a very small fraction as Pasupu Kunkuma of what would have been the benefitted amount. If the zero rate of interest is to return as part of the YSR golden regime, the leaders have appealed to vote for fan symbol and give the candidates a thumping majority.

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