Amarnath slams Oppn 

Visakhapatnam : Brushing aside the  allegations of illegal excavations in Rishikonda, Minister for Industries Gudivada Amarnath slammed the opposition and said that those who looted the North Andhra region have been trying to act as saviors.
Addressing a press conference here on Monday, the minister said that opposition leader Chandrababu Naidu has been destroying the brand image of Visakhapatnam by irking the government in all possible ways and further betraying the people with false propaganda. He pointed out that the State had received permission from the Centre but a section of media and opposition is deliberately trying to portray them as illegal activities falsely alleging that there are no CRZ permits. 
Further, he clarified that the construction activity has been taking place after getting all the required permits from the Centre and slammed that TDP leaders are more worried about their ill-gotten properties in the Amaravati region. He said that Chandrababu didn’t bother to develop Vizag city despite having all the potential, he only intended to benefit his near and dear and thus brought Amaravati. He stated that people wanted to know why Amaravati was made the capital instead of Visakhapatnam although the latter has all potential to be a capital city and added that Chandrababu had opted for Amaravati only after doing all the insider trading.
He recalled how the TDP leaders have obstructed the development of Visakhapatnam by filing cases in courts on every development aspect taken by the government and added that they shouldn’t have done such heinous things if they are truly concerned for the development of the city.

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