YS Jagan top ten powerful comments

Vijayanagaram: The leader of Opposition, YSRCP President, Jagan visited Vijaynagaram district and while addressing the people, he fumed in anger on the performance of Naidu’s government. He commented that in the name of Bhogapuram, government is robbing the lands of farmers

Few comments from his powerful comments list

1. Naidu’s government will vanish in the coming days

2. Within three years, Naidu’s government will be absorbed in the Bay of Bengal

3. The coming days are going to be happy days with our government.

4. Who gave the authority to pull the lands of the poor..!

5. When our government is ruling all the lands will be returned back

6. Curses of poor will hurt Naidu for sure

7. Naidu is snatching the food of poor and pampering Singapore.

8. Naidu's life is full of cheating, lying, and bluffing

9. If Naidu harasses the poor, I will set the same stage for strike

10. Together we will fight for our lands and stop the snatching of lands

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