YS Jagan Recites Gurajada’s Poetry

 Hyderabad: YSRCP president and leader of opposition YS Jagan uncovered with
numbers during discussion in the assembly the betrayal of Chandrababu towards
dalits. He explained how funds from SC-ST sub-plan were being sidetracked. On this
occasion, he slammed Chandrababu’s mentality.

caught the eye of not only the members of the assembly but also of the people of
the state when he recited lines from poet Gurajada Apparao’s over 100-year old poetry.

 ‘‘ ఎంచి చూడగా మనుజులందు రెండే

మంచి అన్నది మాల అయితే మాల నేనౌతా ’’

These were the lines penned by the great poet about
dalits. It means “Upon close observation there are only two castes in people,
the good and the bad. If being dalit means being good, I will be happy to be a

these lines in the assembly, he mentioned the controversial statements delivered
by Chandrababu earlier. Babu had opined in the past that nobody would
intentionally want to be born in SC caste. Recollecting this, YS Jagan
exclaimed that feelings held by such a person on dalits were evident.

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