YS Jagan asks Gen X to join Spl. Status fight

Tirupati, Sept 15: Reaffirming that Special Category Status is the right of every individual of the State, YS Jagan Mohan Reddy has given a clarion call to the students and the Gen X to join hands in the fight to achieve the goal even as the State and Central governments are trying to subvert benefits of Status to a meek and meager special package as a compromise to cover-up Chandrababu Niadu’s misdeeds.

Addressing a packed venue here on Tuesday, the Leader of the Opposition has said that it is time to mount pressure on the State and Central governments to initiate steps towards according special status and pronouncedly point out that special package is no match to what was originally promised.

Confusing, contradictory and callous statements are being issued by the State and Central ministers about Special Status attributing it to the 14th Finance Commission, amending constitution and other such unrealistic arguments but the fact is that according special status to Andhra Pradesh was an assurance given by the Prime Minister and the Union cabinet has taken a decision to this effect.

‘It is only the will of the Centre and State Governments now, but Chandrababu Naidu is not pressing for the issue as he has to save his skin from the cash for vote case and his role in the various other scams and the Centre is going back on its word.

The assurance was given to Andhra Pradesh during division of the State with Congress, BJP and TDP voting in favour of it and now skirting the issue of special status. When Uttarakhand was formed, the then Prime Minister AB Vajpayee had accorded the new state special status first and later got it ratified in the National Development Council.

Why is the NDA Government not implementing the executive decision of giving special status now? The answer is simple. Chandrababu Naidu is now a lame duck, with all the scams he is involved in and cannot mount pressure on the Centre to pull out from the coalition.

The Special Status will bring in more industries, development and jobs. There are 11 states which are enjoying the special category status. To cite and example, Himachal Pradesh is one such state which recorded a 130 % hike in industrial development and 490 % growth in employment generation.

The same could occur in our state as well and even better. The status was given as we lost Hyderabad where over 90 % of the economic activity was concentrated. With the special status, and investments coming in opening up employment opportunities, every district of the state can become a Hyderabad. States having special status will have more grants than loans besides exemption of taxes which will boost the investment and will pave way for rapid industrialization.

This is the point we have to drive home and compel the State and Central Governments to give us special status failing which we will fight relentlessly for our right,’ he said amid thunderous applause.

Special status is an issue concerning students, youth and their future. When we wanted to organize this Awareness Programme at the SV University, TDP Government has denied permission as the University cannot be used for political purposes.

‘The same TDP government had allowed the Party Legislature Party meeting to be held in the University and also arranged a meeting of Narendra Modi. This shows the dual standards of the TDP Government and we need to expose them thoroughly for a better and prosperous future,’ he said.

We have voiced our concern on the streets of Delhi and in the Assembly and at every available forum and will continue to do so. But the turnaround by BJP and TDP on the issue has exposed its ugly face to the people and the sanctity of Parliament is at stake.  

During electioneering Chandrababu Naidu has promised jobs and unemployment stipend which he did not fulfil and now he is trying to scuttle the special status which will provide employment opportunities to our youth. This should be questioned and the students and youth should join the fight in achieving the goal,’ he said.
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