Who is this Lady Advocate?

  • Indira Jaising argued for Roja in the High Court
  • Famous for fighting for women and human rights
  • First woman Additional Solicitor General

Hyderabad: Senior lawyer Indira Jaising stood for woman MLA of YSRCP Roja in her fight against her unjust suspension. It is well-known how CM Chandrababu Naidu and his close collaborator Yanamala Ramakrishnudu troubled her. In Roja's attempts to pass this critical situation, Indira Jaising lent her helping hand. 'Fire Brand' Indira Jaising supported and argued for yet another 'Fire Brand' MLA Roja.

Indira's journey

Indira Jaising's childhood education happened in her hometown Mumbai. She post-graduated in law from Bangalore University and started to practice it. She became famous as the first senior woman advocate in Mumbai High Court. She began a voluntary organization by name 'Lawyers Collective' along with her husband to serve subdued women and low-income class people for free with legal assistance. She runs a magazine named 'The Lawyer'. Leading as a senior lawyer in the Supreme Court, she was appointed as the first woman Additional Solicitor General.

The Fight Continues

Indira Jaising accomplished fame in fighting for the justice of women and their social issues. Prominently she was noted for taking up the side of a woman who had been abused by an encounter specialist of Punjab and a then-DGP KPS Gil whom everybody was frightened of. When all the other lawyers were scared of taking up this case, Indira Jaising stood by the woman and brought the officer to justice. She also defended the victims of the infamous Bhopal Gas Tragedy against International Union Carbide Factory. She was also awarded 'Padmashri' for fighting for the justice of women.

Standing by the 'Fire Brand'

Atrocious CM Chandrababu Naidu and his ally Yanamala Ramakrishnudu revengefully got Roja suspended for a year from the assembly. The next day they got her mercilessly ill-treated. They also attempted to avoid her from attaining justice. Still as she had justice on her side, she could fight against the faults of Chandrababu's gang with the help of Indira Jaising and ended up being triumphant.

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