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Women lack protection in this State and the fear in the minds of women is
increasing day by day because of the ruthless actions of the TDP MLAs. The
repeated action of Chintamaneni Prabhakar in misbehaving with ladies is making
the women restless.  Chintamaneni used filthy and objectionable language
on ladies who were in a peaceful protest for their salaries and embarrassed for
verbal abuse made by the MLA. 

Anganwadi workers met the TDP MLA Chintamaneni residing in the ZP Guest house
with his followers to deal with their problems. For that the leader abruptly
fired on the Anganwadi workers and used objectionable language on the women. He
stated that while Naidu himself is staying in a rental house, if required we
will provide Bedrooms and so on using nasty language. He didn't care about the
age and just fired on the women workers. He even warned them and threatened
about imposing cases on them.

the actions of Prabhakar, the Anganwadi workers raised their slogans gainst
Prahakar and his followers. Chintamaneni's effigy is burned in Eluru by the
women workers while demanding suspension of the TDP. Chintamaneni is also in
recent news for brutally beating the MRO Vanajakshi which created a buzz in the


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