Unforgettable YSR

Give a word and do everything to keep the word, this is YS Rajasekhara Reddy's dictum. Never was there an incident when he gave a word and failed to keep it. YSR was unabashedly pro-poor and uncompromisingly pro-farmer.

It has been eight years since he departed, but his work, his contribution to the state and its polity is still remembered with reverence. He wanted to improve the lot of the poor and the marginalised. He wanted to make every woman a lakshadhikari. His five year reign was a golden era in the history of Telugu states. Hence, he is still ensconced in the hearts and minds of the people. That is the reason why he was elected twice and personally, he had never known what defeat is.

 May 20, 2009 is the day when YSR took over as the Chief Minister a second time after his stupendous win. 

Some of his schemes that have changed entire fortunes of the state. All the political leaders including opposition parties have a praises for his well popular schemes which helped every poor man in the state. Some states have copied his schemes. Some of his schemes - free electricity for farmers, fee reimbursement scheme for economically backward students, the path-breaking 'pavala vaddi' scheme for women, a roof over the head of every single family and interest-free loans to farmers.

He unveiled the Rajiv Arogya Shree heatlth insurance programme for BPL families through which they could avail themselves of  free treatment (or surgery) up to a maximum limit of Rs 2 lakhs!

Another pet project of his was the Indiramma housing scheme, which gave millions of homeless across rural Andhra Pradesh a roof over their heads. It was a housing scheme that was unprecedented in terms of its scale and magnitude.

Dr YSR's two rupees' a kg rice scheme gave sustenance to millions of the poor and deprived and ensured that no one in the state was denied minimal means of subsistence.

On this day, we remember him with pride and relive his memories. He shall remain in our hearts for generations to come. Long life Rajanna.
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