Temple System Once Flourished, Now At Stake

Hyderabad: Chandrababu has surpassed the atrocious foreign rulers in the history by demolishing more than 30 temples in the core area of Vijayawada. This behaviour clearly shows that anti-religious attitude of Babu. People are remembering the time when temples flourished under YSR's rule.

Under YSR's tenure

Dr. YS Rajasekhar Reddy gave freedom to the development of the system of temples. He put efforts for minimising commercialisation of temples and increasing the spiritual values. Primarily, action was taken so that devotees could easily have darsan in the temples under RJC's control. He also introduced schemes for performance of minimum services in old temples. Action was also taken for release of larger temples' 'good fund' for the benefit of small temples in cornered areas. With this, thousands of temples all over the state could run efficiently. Priets in larger temples were given scales equal to those of employees and arrangements for pension also was done. Honourary salary was introduced to the priests of small temples and it was directly deposited in their bank accounts. With all these efforts, YSR was cherished and respected by the temple system.

Destruction under Chandrababu's rule

Chandrababu, on the other hand is to be credited for demolishing the temples that flourished in the previous rule. He is continuing the same tyrannical behaviour as in his previous tenure. The scheme of minimum services in old temples has been suppressed. Sanction of funds for thousands of temples has stopped. Welfare schemes for priests also saw cutting. Recently more than 30 temples in core Vijayawada city have been demolished in the name of development. Surprisingly, the TDP leaders' assets and houses were untouched by the officials going in the direction of 'development'. Temples are being demolished for the extension of commercial business centres. Statues of Gods are being removed with crowbars. Ultimately, Chandrababu showed his brutal nature.

Protests throughout the state

Chandrababu's attitude is meeting protests from all over the state. Everybody is at disgust with his way of ignoring people's feelings and sentiments and running after other countries with foreign craze. Prominently, the demolition of temples right before Krishna pushkarams is being condemned all over.

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