TDP's Candidates With Dark Background

  • Criminals as TDP MLC candidates
  • Deepak Reddy in Ananthapuram and Vakati in Nellore
  • Deepak Reddy caught in land grabbing case
  • Rs.400 crore defaulted by Vakati to banks
The Government in AP called it quits with ethics and justice. Chandrababu has recently announced in an indirect manner what the qualifications should be in order to be his close ally. Candidates selected to represent TDP in MLC elections, with their criminal backgrounds, stand as examples for Babu's love for people with such background. 

One of the candidates is accused in land kabza case and the other has defaulted hundreds of crores of rupees to banks. These are not just allegations, but proven facts.

Deepak Reddy in Ananthapuram
He has been elected unanimously in local body quota from Ananthapuram district. He is notorious for grabbing an empty land of worth crores of rupees in Hyderabad by creating fake documents showing that somebody else owns the land and then posing to have bought it from them. He tried to do it very close to perfection but was caught as the real owners of the land approached the court. Even the yellow media telecast this issue earlier.

Vakati in Nellore
Vakati Narayana Reddy from Nellore defaulted hundreds of crores of rupees to banks. Now he has been given the opportunity to be an MLC candidate. He owes Rs. 443. 27 crore to four banks. VNR Infrastructure Ltd., Powertech Pvt. Ltd. and Logistics Pvt. Ltd. owned by Vakati owe SBI, SBH, Bank of Baroda and Indian Overseas Bank Rs. 443. 27 crore. With no response from Vakati, the banks announced on January 17 that his fixed assets would be taken under control.

Vakati kept it away from his nomination papers about his defaulting. His nomination has been accepted, ignoring his background. Despite ongoing discussion on willful defaulters lately, Chandrababu chose Vakati to be candidate representing his party. It is ironical that there is no power for TDP in local body quota in Nellore district in the first place.

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