Raptadu Dominated By Rowdy Teams

* Paritala's goons create havoc

* Conspiracy to hinder Handri-Neeva Jala Sadhana Samithi's chaitanya yaathra
* Prakash Reddy slams Paritala's atrocities

Ananthapuram: Rowdy teams are taking over Raptadu constituency. Paritala Sunita's son Paritala Sriram is misusing his influence.
Goon gangs scared the area with rocks and logs in their hands in order to hinder the meeting organised by Handri-Neeva Jala Sadhana Samithi at Polepalli of Ramagiri mandal. The talk among the local people was that these goons were funded by Paritala Sunita and her son Sriram.

As the people's support grew...

The Chief Minister has conspired to ditch Ananthapuram district and redirect the waters of Handri-Neeva to Kuppam. In order to raise awareness among people regarding this conspiracy, YSRCP intended to hold Handri-Neeva Jala Sadhana Samithi chaitanya yaathra under the supervision of coordinator of Raptadu constituency, Topudurthi Prakash Reddy. This meeting attracted the attention of the people. Prakash Reddy took prior permission from in-charge CI Sridhar to conduct the meeting from 4 pm to 8 pm on Thursday evening at Polepalli of Ramagiri mandal. Permission order went from CI to DSP Venugopal in Dharmavaram. DSP disallowed the meeting, making it clear that this is due to pressure from Paritala Sunita and Sridhar.
Goons rule the area

After knowing that the Polepalli meeting had not been allowed by the police, Paritala Sridhar set his goon team out. They planned to stop YSRCP leaders and activists wherever seen. At all important spots between NS Gate and Venkatapuram, like Papireddy X roads, Polepalli X roads, Chiguruchettu, Eguvapalli X roads, Sanjeevarayuni rice mill and Sriharikota, crowds of goons waiting with weapons, rocks and logs.
Prakash Reddy meets the SP

Topudurthi Prakash Reddy met SP Rajasekhar Babu on Thursday afternoon and explained the rowdy behaviour of Paritala Sriram. He complained against his unlawful disturbance to peace of the society under the mask of power. He also expressed displeasure towards not being given permission to conduct the meeting.

We shall complete the meeting with the support of the people

Prakash Reddy slammed Paritala Sunita and Sriram for obstructing a peacefully-intended meeting. He criticised that they had forgotten the people of the constituency since they had come to power. He remarked that they hindered Polepalli meeting out of their jealousy towards YSRCP gathering people's affection. Prakash Reddy confided that he would visit Ramagiri and successfully conduct the meeting again with the support of the people and the party activists.

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