Rajanna regime was of Golden age

The YSRCP President, YS Jagan termed the late Chief Minister YS Rajasekhar
Reddy’s regime in terms of golden age. To get it back, and support the positive
change, it should start with the Warangal elections, stated Jagan. On the third
day of election campaign in Warangal district, he addressed the crowd in
Gisukonda. On this occasion, YS
Jagan rebuked the fire on KCR government. 

Jagan mentioned that during Rajanna regime, more than 20 lakh acres of land is
distributed to people, however, when KCR came to power, how much land is
distributed to people should be questioned by people. It is almost 18 months
KCR came to power, but till date the overall land shared to people is hardly
1600 acres, said Jagan.

are mainly two reasons for poverty, YS Jagan said. Poor education and lack of medical
support. These two things are not in reach for poor and to gain that they are
pushed into debts.  Jagan asked the
people to note that to avoid this, the late leader has initiated the Arogya
shree and Fee reimbursement schemes to support the under privileged.

asked the government to look into the horrible situations faced by the cotton
farmers by going to the fields and talking to the farmers. Currently, Rs. 4,100 per quintal of cotton is what is earned by the farmers, but
during Rajashekhar Reddy’s regime they could earn Rs. 6700 per quintal, Jagan
asked this point to be noted.

To get back the golden
rule and a change in the government, this election should be taken as an
opportunity by people, suggested Jagan.  For
that, Jagan requested the people to consider voting the YSRCP candidate Nalla

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