Polavaram project will set new standards in the irrigation project 


Polavaram Project, evolving into a gigantic Irrigation project with sophisticated touches is been built on river Godavari in Andhra Pradesh. This project is built in such manner that can sustain water flow of 50 lakh cusecs which is much higher than 3 gorges dam in China. This concrete spill way dam will provide irrigation facilities for more than 7 lakh acres of land and drinking water facilities. 

The YSRCP government is showing high priority to complete the project using sophisticated engineering technologies and scientific methods. This prestigious national project has gained a new pace with advanced engineering model. MEIL (Megha Engineering Infrastructures Limited), is taking massive efforts effectively towards carving this world’s largest spillway project before the deadline.

In 1941 in the time of British Rule first proposal came up to build a dam on Godavari river to store surplus water which flows into sea. In the year 2004 then Chief Minister Y.S. Rajashekar Reddy took initiative and started the construction of Polavaram Project. During his period right and left canals construction was completed.

After the state bifurcation in 2014 Polavaram got National Status. The then Chief Minister N. Chandrababu Naidu called tenders for construction of Polavaram Project. But in his tenure he completely failed to make any progress in construction of the project. The development of the project was irregular and the key work on the project has not progressed. Only a few spillways and the cofferdam were built. There was nothing else done beyond this. He gave more priority on construction of cofferdam and tried to fill with flood water. But it was quite opposite of an engineering approach. Cofferdam is a temporary structure which is built for the diversion of water in the main reservoir during the construction of dam. 

In 2019 Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy was elected as Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh after which he took up Polavaram Project as a prestigious project in the interest for people of AP. He called for reverse tendering and handed over the project construction work to Megha Engineering & Infrastructure Ltd. (MEIL) which quoted low in the bid.

After taking up the project construction work in November 2019 MEIL wasted no time. It took all steps to use the resources more productively. All-out efforts are being carried out to pool up the expertise and resources to accomplish the project within the stipulated time. It demonstrated its determination again in executing such prestigious projects in a time-bound manner. 

MEIL highlighted the construction of spillway beams, as well as bridges, dividing wall, lifting wall, and the guide wall. At the same time, major work such as the Earth Cum Rockfill Dam are progressing rapidly.

In span of one year MEIL extended Spillway piers height from 28 meters to 52 meters. Gap-1 construction, cofferdam works on the upper and lower part of the project site that prevents obstacle due to unforeseen floods are completed. The concrete construction being done here, the project will be strengthened during the floods.

In particular, the Earth Cum Rock fill Dam so far 1,94,944 cubic meters of concrete construction in the spillway, 1,10,033 cubic meters of concrete work and 10,64,417 cubic meters of earthworks in the spill channel is completed. Crucial 1,88,623 cubic meters of 902 hill excavation works is also completed.

172 girders construction is completed, and about 84 girders were placed on the spillway piers. Bridge slab work of 250 meters on 10 piers is also completed, in addition to the installation of girders on the rest of the piers, the shuttering work, steel setting is in process. Gap-1, 2 diaphragm wall construction work is completed. In Gap-3 rock excavation is in completed, wall construction is in process. 

Construction work on the key Trunian beams in the gates is in full swing. 20 beams construction has already been completed and setting up gates near the completed beams is running. These gates used in this project are modernised and very rarest of its kind. Several engineering projects are now underway, and it is now believed that the Polavaram project will be completed on time.

Despite Corona pandemic and massive floods Polavaram project work is near to complete as per the deadlines decided by the YS Jagan Mohan Reddy government. The way project construction work is going steadfast Polavaram project will set new standards in the irrigation project construction field.

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