Patients fearing rats and bandicoot attacks..!

Government fails to open eyes after Guntur Tragedy
Government’s negligence widely criticized

Anantapuram: The Government hospitals in Andhra Pradesh became life threatening to the patients. The patients feared the rats & bandicoots attacks on them. They were furious on the Governments negligent behavior putting the lives of the patients at risk.

Swarming rats & bandicoots attack..!
The Yellow Party Government eyes were shut down; they were not bothered about the continuous attacks of rats, bandicoots, snakes in Government hospitals. An innocent infant lost her life falling victim to the government negligence. Soon after that a woman was attacked in which her fingers were bitten by rats; this raised fears in the patients. Within 24 hrs of this incident a snake entered the hospital. These incidents are threatening the patients.

Poor man’s health is forgotten
Before forgetting the Guntur incident, in Guntakal Government Hospital of Anantapuram District another tragic incident took place. Bandicoots injured Erramma, a woman in maternity ward by biting her legs, the woman lost lot of blood. The patients in the ward chased away the bandicoots. Despite all these tragic incidents the Government is not waking up from the corporate charm putting lives of the poor at risk. The public are warning Chandrababu that a strong lesson will be taught if he continues putting patients’ lives at risk. The patients suggested that before medical treatment catching these swarming pests is very important.
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