Panchayat Raj System Is A Non-functional Under Lokesh Leadership

One of the key departments in Andhra Pradesh government - Panchayat Raj department has been non functional under the leadership of Lokesh.  

Ever since Lokesh assumed the ministry of State Panchayat Raj department, no developmental work was taken up. The department officials made it clear in the recently held meeting that the Water Grid project taken up to provide potable drinking water to all households will not be completed till 2022. The officials informed Lokesh the grid works were moving at snail pace due to various reasons. 

Lokesh, who recently received award recognizing his service for rural development,  is practically failed in strengthening the key department. Not a single work was completed so far. The centrally sponsored development schemes were also pending. Road works, sanitation, toilets, drinking water supply and employment in the villages were still pending at the initial level.  

Besides, the benefits of some schemes are reaching to only TDP workers and sypathisers only. The cancellation of Janmabhumi committee did not end the exploitation of government programmes by TDP leaders. Poor housing, Anna canteens and NTR Sujala Sravanthi were yet to take off. Mobile hospitals were still on the papers. 

NITI Aayog in its recent report disclosed that 75 percent of the villages were deprived of safe drinking water.  As a Minister,  Lokesh did nothing to strengthen rural areas.  

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