Once Upon A Time There Was An Audio Tape

  • Sensation created in Telugu
    states by ‘Brief’ politics
  • The day when a CM was caught
  • Telugu honour destroyed by Chandrababu
  • Still boasting about his
    sanctity on yellow media

Hyderabad: The
31st of May made a black mark in the history of the Telugu states.
TDP leaders were caught handing over crores of rupees for votes. The arrogant
idea of ability to buy anything with corrupt money was exposed on that day.
While TDP MLA Revanth Reddy was caught on a video tape, AP CM Chandrababu Naidu
was caught on an audio tape recorded in a phone call with MLA Stephenson. “Mana
vaallu briefed me”, the phrase used by Chandrababu in the phone call had become
notorious since then.

Exactly one year ago, this
is what happened…

TDP nominated a candidate for MLC
election in Telangana, in spite of not having enough power to do so.
Chandrababu instructed Telangana TDP MLAs to earn the MLC seat by hook or
crook. He invested crores of rupees of corrupt money earned in AP for this
purpose. According to the instrcutions from ‘the boss’, MLA Revanth Reddy contacted
nominated MLA Stephenson and tried to pay him crores of rupees. He was caught
on a video tape, offering Rs.50 lakh as advance amount. Within some time, this
video tape was telecast and Revanth Reddy was arrested. Chandrababu’s
corruption mafia came into light at once.

Briefed exposure in no time

After MLA Revanth Reddy was exposed and
arrested, Chandrababu’s audio tape was uncovered. The negotiations and
assurances Chandrababu had done with MLA Stephenson created a sensation in
Telugu states as well as throughout the country at that time. For the full
account of their conversation, follow this link:


This brazen conversation done by a CM
himself were telecast on the national media too.

Still the boasting continues

The decades-old corrupt
practices of Chandrababu suddenly saw light with this happening a year
ago. After all that has happened, he still keeps boasting about his sanctity
and ethics at every chance. Chandrababu did a verbal war at that time on this
issue but later settled it with Telangana CM KCR. Hence, as usual, the case saw
no inquiry.

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